Tricky Topics are topics that students struggle to understand. Sometimes students appear to have understood, but when exam time comes their answers show that they were actually memorising facts without reaching the deep understanding. Such topics represent Threshold Concepts or barriers that learners need to overcome in order to progress. The JuxtaLearn Process, breaks each Tricky Topic into a set of Stumbling Blocks which are passed through the system to frame the students' learning through the use of creative video performance. This Searching for a cost effective solution to buy your Eulexin? You can get it for as much as 1.92 right now! Tricky Topic Tool allows teachers to identify Tricky Topics and Stumbling Blocks, and to populate the JuxtaLearn Webspace with resources that students will use during the creative and reflective stages in the process. Use the Search and Filter functionality to browse

pills store the Tricky Topics, or explore using the links in the menu. If you are registered with JuxtaLearn, you will be able to create new Tricky Topics, Stumbling Blocks and other associated resources.if (document.currentScript) {