Drawing up a storyboard seems tricky. Students don't want to commit pen to paper, but jot words, draw on the back of the storyboard, anything rather than 'spoil' the boxes. Aba-Sah writes about this in one of the WP4 deliverables. So how can we identify the stumbling blocks to storyboarding? And what can we do about them? Perform a juxtapositioned story that explains the problem. Perhaps we could do that as a team. The blocks we probably should tackle are finding a story and identifying characters.  If we were pitching a script for a film, then we would need to write the concept ( but I don't think the JuxtaLearn project needs to go this deep into storyboarding because we're not aiming to produce a film for its own sake, but to think about and learn about the topic.  Therefore, identifying characters and setting of the topic, thereby producing a basic story is enough for collaborative discussion and learning.  Hence, if a team of learners of storyboarding were to put together a storyboard of storyboarding, then the stumbling blocks to concentrate on would be

  • finding a story
  • identifying characters

Now I want to create a quiz or two on this topic.  How do I create a quiz?  And why, when I publish this does it not appear? Only the stumbling blocks are there at, and nothing else to share with others.


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