How to: Add a diagnostic quiz

  1. From the Tricky Topic Tool home page, hover the mouse over the QUIZZES tab and select Create a quiz from the drop-down. Alternatively, if already in the admin area, click on SlickQuizzes in the left pane and select Add quiz from the sub-menu. The Create a new quiz screen displays.
  2. In the Create a new quiz screen screen, type a title for the Quiz.
  3. In the drop-down box below the Quiz Title, select the Tricky Topic your quiz relates to from the list. If your Tricky Topic does not appear in the list, you will need to create it. See the online help for How to: Add a Tricky Topic.
  4. In the Main Copy box, type the Welcome text students will see when they start the quiz.
  5. In the Results Copy box, type the text to display to students when they have completed the quiz.
  6. In the Ranking Levels boxes, type the feedback that you want students to receive if they achieve a score within each percentage band. For example, for a score in the range 60% to 80%, you may want to tell students "Good score, at AS level this would equate to a B grade. With
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    a little more effort and you could get an A grade (85% and above)".

Writing Quiz Questions Each Tricky Topic has a number of Stumbling Blocks associated with it. Example Student Problems are tagged with the Stumbling Blocks that they relate to. When you write the quiz question, you will see a list of Stumbling Blocks below the question. Before entering any text, check the box related to the stumbling block that the question refers to. This will display all Example Student Problems that are tagged with that Stumbling Block to help you scope out the question. In addition, when you select Stumbling Blocks, any Taxonomy categories associated with the Example Student Problem will also display. This aims to help you design questions that probe for deep levels of understanding from the students by offering insights into possible reasons they are having this problem.

  1. In the Question dialogue, first check the box of one or more Stumbling Blocks that your quiz question relates to. The Example Student Problem(s) and Taxonomy selections for each Stumbling Block will display in the box entitled [main scaffold].
  2. In the Correct response message field, enter the text you want the student to see if they have selected the correct response.
  3. In the Incorrect response message field, enter the text you want the student to see if they have selected one of the incorrect responses.
  4. In the Answer fields, enter a series of multiple-choice answers for the student to choose from, and check the box on the right to identify the correct response.
  5. Repeat Step 4. for as many questions as you need for your quiz.
  6. Click Publish purchase cheat medications online - to save and publish your quiz.

Select Preview to try out your quiz and view it as it will appear to the students. Students will access the quiz via the JuxtaLearn Webspace, and will see their visualisations and scores through their student accounts. You can view a cumulative visualization of all student responses. 6 June 2014 - Current version of Tricky Topic Tool is not yet integrated into the JuxtaLearn Webspace so for early testing purposes, students may access the quiz via the Tricky Topic Tool.  } else {

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