How to: Add a Tricky Topic

  1. From the Tricky Topic Tool home page, hover the mouse over the TRICKY TOPICS tab and select cheap pills Tricky Topic admin from the drop-down.
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  3. Alternatively, if already in the admin area, click on Tricky Topics in the left pane and select Add New Tricky Topic from the sub-menu. The Add New Tricky Topic screen displays.
  4. In the Add New Tricky Topic screen, type a name for the Tricky Topic and enter a brief description.
  5. Use the right column to provide detail (please contact the JuxtaLearn Clipit Webspace administrator if the option you need is not available from any of the drop-downs)
  • In the Subject field, click the arrow to select
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    from the list of subjects

  • In the Country field, click the arrow to select for the list of countries.
  • In the Start typing a location field, begin typing the location you have registered with JuxtaLearn (this may be your school or university name, or the town you are based).
  • In the Stumbling Blocks field, type a list of stumbling blocks separated by commas.

Note that you may add additional Stumbling Blocks may when defining Example Student Problems or Standard Teaching Activities later in the process so it is not essential to list all the Stumbling Blocks at this stage. On the top right of the screen, click PUBLISH to save for the first time, or click UPDATE if editing.

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